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Me, Trevor Farr, 21 years now, been living in Vermont my whole life. Born in Middlebury, living in Bristol. I have one brother, two half brothers, a step sister and four step brothers. Unfortanetly i'm the only one in the family thats into classic cars, my mother does own a newer Ford Mustang GT which i will be adding to my home page in the near future. Yes, I know its a ford, I promise it will be the only one on this website.

I manage to get to a few car shows in my area. My favorite car show is the Lake George Adirondack Nationals which me, my girlfriend and her family go to for the weekend. We rent a motel and stay out late at night 'eeking' people to burnout. The crowd, yelling and squealing tires and booes make for a fun time.

My favorite car is obviously the first generation camaro, preferably the 1969. Right now im looking for a camaro body and frame in decent condition for no more than a couple thousand. Doesnt need motor or tranny, just looking for something I can restore and build over the years and be able to enjoy when I grow up. If you have any information on such please email me.

Vehicles i've owned here.