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Pictures were taken by me and my girlfriend at car shows in and around New England.

St. Albans at the Drive-In 8/03....(11 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/03....(16 images)

"Superchevy Show" Epping New Hampshire 2003....(8 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/04....(12 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 2005 ....(4 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 2006 ....(4 images)

Fort Ticonderoga NY 2007 ....(4 images)

Laconia Nationals NH 2007 ....(3 images)

Antique Car Show Stowe, VT 8/07....(7 images)

Worcester Summer Nationals MA 2007 ....(5 images)

St. Albans Town Bay Car Show 8/18/07....(29 images)

"Adirondack Nationals" 9/7 - 9/9/07...(3 pages, 128 images)

NSRA Northeast Nationals Exxex Junct. VT 9/22/07....(39 images)

3rd Annual Better Late Than Never Car Show 9/29/07....(39 images)

Green Mountain Motorheads Show at Cody Chevrolet 10/6/07....(16 images)

Worcester Summer Nationals 2008....(2 images)

Green Mountain Motorheads Show @ Cody Chevrolet 2008....(2 images)

Adirondack Nationals 2008....(2 images)

"In the Field..."

This nice 57 was seen while we were camping in Lake George, NY summer of 2005.

This '69 Z28 we found at the walmart parking lot in Fort ticonderoga summer of '07.

Every year the Mt Abraham Union High School, which I graduated at, gives the Varsity Baseball team a trip to Florida for exhibition games and practice for the season. I took this picture back in 2003 when the team went to the Florida Manatees Minor League Team game, this was the stadium parking lot.